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Connecticut Yankees Do San Francisco

Had a great time with the Connecticut crowd. I think San Francisco made a good impression on Tyler and Connor. Here are some pics.

Whirlwind Tour of SF Before Heading to Squaw

An early start gives us plenty of time for a zig-zag detour down Lombard Street on the way to Coit Tower.

You can tell how early it is by the length of the shadows. Just us and the dog-walkers!

Carl, Tyler & Connor opt to walk down the Greenwich stairs and meet us at the Alcatraz ferry pier.

We caught the first ferry of the day to Alcatraz—just a 15 minute ride from shore.

SF skyline with Transamerica building and Coit tower.

The omni-present Sutro tower.

Arriving at “the Rock.”

Barren but beautiful, and right in the middle of San Francisco Bay.

As we were waiting for the ferry back, an outrigger canoe race came paddling around the island.

Not a sight you see everywhere—especially in February! We also saw a formation of jets buzzing overhead (looked like the Blue Angels) but didn’t have time to catch a photo.

On the Alcatraz ferry.

Lunch overlooking the sea lions at Pier 39.

Another view of Alcatraz before we head over the Golden Gate bridge. Doesn’t look like such a long swim from here!

We head over to see the Sausalito houseboats. We even toured one for sale!

Perfect color-scheme for me.

Another nice houseboat with lush landscaping.

Not a bad lifestyle.

Next stop, up to the top of the Marin Headlands for a view back at the city.

Another scenic view of the bridge, the city, and Alcatraz.

And of us to prove we were there!

After a quick jaunt past AT&T park (home of the World Series champion San Francisco Giants) and a snack at the Ocean Beach Chalet, we grab a photo op at Alamo Square park on the way home. Carl, Tyler & Connor opt to walk the rest of the way home.

Quick tour of Chinatown on the way to the cable cars.

After the cable car ride, we end our tour at Mission Dolores Park.

A temperate oasis before (and after) your ski trip. Have fun!

The Skiers Head to Tahoe

With 8 feet of snowfall the previous week and snow chain requirements in effect, we wondered if the standard SUV from Enterprise (inexplicably lacking 4WD) would be up to the task. After several attempts to find a 4WD available on the last day of a holiday weekend, we hoped our enterprising agent at Enterprise Rentals would have more luck than we did. Jaime pulled through!

Loaded up and ready to hit the road.

That’s some serious snow-removal.

View from their 4th floor condo.

Taking the first cable car of the day 2000 feet up to the high camp base.

Atop Emigrant summit (8700 feet) with Lake Tahoe in the background.

With a severe snow storm warning and advisory to complete travel from the area by 2pm Thursday or delay travel until Saturday (which would severely impede making the 7am flight out of SFO), our intrepid skiers decide to beat the storm by leaving Thursday after half a day of skiing. It still takes 2 hours to traverse the first few miles down the mountain and 6 hours total to get back (twice as long as going). All-in-all, very happy to get waved through chain-control checkpoints and make it back before roads are closed.

Extra Day in SF

Needless to say, the kitties and Aunt Lisa are thrilled to have some extra time with the family.

Connor indulges Oscar’s fascination for rubber bands.

Scenic view of Berkeley with yet another perspective of San Francisco in the background.

Bumming around campus.

Back over the Bay bridge (siting a cruise ship coming into port) we take a tour of the Autodesk Gallery before heading home. We end the evening with a nice dinner at a nearby neighborhood restaurant, followed by more kitty time before bed.

Having won everyone else over, Oscar nonchalantly settles on Carl’s lap for his final conquest. Like Loch Ness Monster sightings, photos of this startling event are mysteriously blurred.

The predicted snow never did hit San Francisco, but I’m sure there will be some waiting for you when you get back to Connecticut. It’s very quiet around here without you all. Oscar promptly decided to console Filippe by sitting on top of him.

Consolation cuddle

Thanks for visiting and can’t wait to see you again!